• The comment I get over and over from my clients is how easy and safe they feel working with me, if you are looking for profesional high caliber performer and piece of mind for your next event, contact me.

  • I’m flexible and I can adapt to any scenario, I can perform strolling close-up magic or table magic to suit the event, my show is self-contained requiring no special equipment or facilities.

  • A close-up magician is in direct contact with your clients. You need to be 100% sure that person is capable not only of providing the best entertainment but of representing your company in a professional manner.

  • I speak Spanish, Portuguese, English and some Italian, I’m a world traveler and I have a curious personality that allows me to interact and connect with my audience in any level.

  • I’ll not only blow their minds and give away unique magical souvenirs like forks that it melt right in from of their eyes with their signature on it,  but I’ll also mingle with your clients, taking photos with them creating social media content for them to share and creating an organic interaction in-between your clients and incentivize them to be interactive and to connect with other at the event.