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From a get-together for cocktails with friends to the most magical day of your wedding, I will help you make your day spectacular, and make you the ultimate envy of your friends and family.

I enjoy creating a special moments and connecting with people, and I’m one of the most positive and motivational people that you will ever meet.

I love people, and I’m a fan of the quote, "A stranger is just a friend I haven't met”, which is how I approach every new interaction in my life.

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During my performance, we will share an epic adventure and you and your friends will be connected by the phenomenal experience of having your mind blown away, up-close and in your own hands.

For larger events, I have a lot of experience performing in high-pace and time sensitive environments. I know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how gracefully to stay within timed parameters.

My objective is to blend in, contribute to the atmosphere, and help to create one of the best days of your life. I know how to work alongside other entertainers, when and how to approach your guests, and how long to perform for the number of guests present.

Additionally, I have a strong rapport with a photographer who is experienced in capturing the best angles, moments, and reactions of my performance with your guests, providing you with a beautiful gift of images of the amazed and fascinated faces of friends and family.




This is a promo video I created for the tv show “The Magicians” by SyFy and NBC Universal
Here you can see me in action, creating a dynamic and fun interaction with my audience.

In this promo video inspire by the serie, I learn a special skill that allow me to create an imposible illusion.
Here you can watch me literally melting a fork in front of their eyes a in their own hands.

During my South America tour we stopped in Mexico for one day to do a meet ups with my fans, more than 600 people show up with less than 10 hours notice! This was the first of many meet ups across multiple countries.

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