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If you are looking for something different, unique and exciting to share with your friends and family, you’ve come to the right place.

I provide high caliber entertainment for adults that helps build a light, energized, and engaging atmosphere at any party. It's also a great ice-breaker, and an organic way to connect people through an unusual experience, which is vital to the success of any event.

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I love performing and interacting with people. My energy, personality and magic skills will connect your friends and family through a memorable and magical journey. Whether it’s a dinner

party, theme party, a relaxed family reunion, or a celebration of a birthday, retirement, holiday, or even a BBQ, your party will be vividly remembered long after the glasses are empty.

My goal is to help you create an extremely successful event that will reflect back on you as a mastermind. You will look like a creative wizard in the eyes of your guests!

I have perfected the art of connecting the magical feeling that people experience with you and you party. I can promise that your friends and family will forever remember your event every time they see or hear anything related to magic.

Friends that have their mind completely blown away together, stay together!

Just read my extraordinary reviews or look at the amazing reactions in the photos where my audience is having the time of their life!

Hire me and I can promise you a remarkable experience, and that you will see the faces of your friends and family transform in front of your eyes creating the most incredible reactions that you will ever see.




The most common response from my clients is how easy and safe they feel working with me. If you are looking for profesional high caliber performer and peace of mind for your next party, contact me.

I’m flexible and I can adapt to any scenario. I can perform for a large audience, or I can do strolling close-up magic or table magic to suit your event. My show is self-contained, requiring no special equipment, and I’m fully insured.

A close-up magician is in direct contact with your guests. You need to be 100% sure that they are capable not only of providing the best entertainment, but also to do it in a professional manner.

I’m a world traveler and I have an inquisitive personality that allows me to interact and connect with your friends and family. The novelty of an experience of this type of magic between friends is bonding and unforgettable.

I’ll not only blow your guests’ minds out of the universe, but I will also create, before your eyes, an unique souvenir for the guest of honor that will become a talking piece in his house and remind him of the fascinating feeling of that night, every time they see it.



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