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First, thank you so much for your interest and for your time. I really enjoy reading bio’s of other people and getting to know how they become who they are.

I know exactly how to write an about me page, telling you in less than 500 words who I am with a compelling story, what makes me unique, what can you expect from me, what I have to offer, and how I can help you solve a problem.

If that is what you are looking for, then in summary…

I’m one of the most positive and motivational personalities that you will ever meet.

I have a curious and inquisitive mind, strong discipline, and a work ethic that fuels me to pursue and meet my wildest dreams... and believe me, they are wild!

You can expect an elegant, fun, fascinating, and interactive experience by a phenomenal performer.

My love for performing and connecting with people, along with my natural energy, my outgoing personality, and my stunning magic skills allows me to provide a unique experience that people will talk about and remember forever.

I can help you create a very successful event and make you look like a pure wizard in the eyes of your friends, family, boss, or coworkers. You will be the mastermind behind this exclusive, sophisticated, and unforgettable experience.

Just point me in a direction, and you will see the faces of your friends, family, clients, and co-workers transform, bringing out the most amazing reactions that you will ever see.

Now, if you want to know more, then get ready for an amazing story full of magical adventures, exciting challenges, and proof that everything is possible.

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I grew up in a small town in a very small third world country, in a family of three with my mother and older brother. From early childhood through early adulthood, my life was very, very hard. I lacked a strong role model and supportive guidance, and I quickly learned that in order to change my environment, I had to take actions to make changes myself.

As I began to seek any small opportunities to improve and enrich my life, I took them, grew from them, and my confidence developed. It quickly became apparent that everything that I learned about the world made my experience of it better,  gave me more tools to explore it with, and made me a better person. Learning became my favorite thing to do.

The rewards of knowledge and skill development fueled a passion for obsessive learning that greatly improved my life and launched me into my magical journey. I found joy in challenging myself and pushing the boundaries of what was possible, discovering that my world is limitless and that I can accomplish anything.

Just as I started creating new habits and changing my outlook on life, I experienced my first encounter with magic. My fascination drove me to learn as much as I could, and I used it as an escape from some parts of my temporary reality. Although I spent thousands of hours practicing skills and exploring magic theory, I was simultaneously diving into other artistic realms, most notably design and 3d animation.

The more I learned and accomplished, the more enjoyment I found in hard work, and the more power I garnered to change my world.

As I studied the language of design and its use of colors, shapes, and patterns to communicate feelings and emotions, I introduced this understanding into magic performances and found that it could influence and enhance my connection with people and effect their experience.

Over the next decade, I finely tuned the skills and ideologies of both of the artistic realms I was exploring, and was rewarded and recognized accordingly.

During my work as a creative 3d animator and special effects artist, I learned amazing and powerful industry tools as well as the importance and value of time management, meeting crazy deadlines, and functioning within a team under pressure. While working side by side with the giants of the industry at one of the most prestigious 3d animation and special effects studios in South America, we brought the impossible to life and won a Golden Bell Award, one of the most impressive awards in advertisement, with a short called, “The Magic of Cinema”.

“The magic of cinema” An animated short that transports us to a magic kingdom where fantastic characters work hard to create a superior experience for the movie viewers.

Working as a 3d animator opened my eyes to details I never noticed before, encouraging my brain to connect motions with emotions, and allowing me to see the ripple effects of actions. It gave me a completely new perspective of the world, and I became fascinated by how objects and experiences make people feel. I started to learn everything I could about human behavior and psychology, and being young and ambitious, I began studying marketing as well.

I had been performing magic part-time at this point for several years at bars, parties and small events, which fed my extroverted personality in a way that animation studios and classrooms could not. And I saw an incredible opportunity through magic to experience human behavior in an unique environment. So in my minimal spare time, I dove back in to learning everything I could about magic, and I started to perform more and more with people in all types of situations.

The difference between a good animation and an amazing, organic one is in the details and the way that the motion flows. It’s not something that you can see, but something you can feel. I remember at countless meetings with my team the phrase “it doesn’t feel right” would be repeated.

This understanding transformed the way that I interact with people. I learned the power of words, actions, and gestures, and ever since then, observing human behavior and the way people interact is one of my favorite activities. This is how the eye for details, self awareness, organic expression, and effortless flow has been incorporated into every performance I do.

During this time, I learned a phrase to summarize these experiences, and it would later become a mantra for myself and hundreds of thousands of my students,  “It’s not what you do, it’s the way you do it”.

If you’re wondering what I mean by “students”, then get ready for the next wild ride. Gradually, I found that my career and my hobby were switching places as I became more successful and in demand as a magician and stepped away from design.

Then, in 2010, I launched a YouTube channel and website focusing on changing the way magic was perceived online and teaching it in a novel way.

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While working in parallel with magic performances, I gradually built my YouTube channel and in 2011, after a decade of moving 15 times in two different countries, I moved to the United States and made Austin, Texas my home.

A new chapter of my life started with brand new challenges, and English was a massive obstacle to connecting with an audience. So I spent about a year learning English (my third language) as well as taking classes in theater and improv. And I continued to slowly build my YouTube channel.

Since my mind is a force of nature when stimulated with new creative ideas, in 2012 my path crossed with a creative group at DJI, and I enthusiastically joined their team. I worked side by side with an innovative, talented and charismatic group of people. We pushed the barriers of what was possible and created literally, “The Future of Possible”. Together, we not only built a product that changed the filming industry forever, but also produced dynamic tutorials for users on how to create content through an organic, easy, personal and fun experience.

In 2013, we destroyed the competition at the NAB in Las Vegas, one of the largest shows for media, entertainment and technology in the world. We took home two of the biggest awards of the show with the introduction of the DJI Phantom, the first user friendly quadcopter in the world. It allowed anyone to create beautiful cinematic aerial footage and brought video production to a new level, enhancing story expression and connectivity with the world. It was a brand new perspective, which is one of the things I live for.

This is one of those moments in history when life and magic collide. In 2013 DJI changed forever the way creators can express themselves allowing them to capture a new perspective of the life and giving them a magical tool to share their vision of world.

At the same time that I was enjoying global success at DJI, my private magic school was becoming the most popular in the world, and my Youtube channel had reached 100,000 subscribers. It was having a huge impact on the international magic community. I was drawn away from DJI with both sadness and excitement as I returned my focus to magic.

I was creating a new generation of magicians worldwide and changing the way that people learn, perform and connect with others through magic. I was teaching not only tricks but how to pursue your dreams and build the life and become the person that you want to be! I was receiving thousands of emails from people who I had influenced with emotional stories of how magic had changed their lives.

I was finding that sharing knowledge and helping people empower themselves was incredibly rewarding. I believe that knowledge is one of the most valuable tools in life, but without application of it, it’s simply an empty idea. I feel that one of the purposes of my life is to inspire and motivate people of all ages to pursue their dreams and to encourage them to actively explore what they can accomplish, not just learn about it.

In addition to teaching magic tricks and theory, I provide practical tools to allow my students to challenge themselves, problem solve, build confidence, and create positive social environments. Beyond the obvious knowledge of magic itself, I encourage personal development that enhances family connections, builds and nurtures friendships, and for those who are interested, initiates career paths.

Magic tricks themselves are only gimmicks that require understanding and application of theory beyond the physical skill in order to produce the actual mystical feeling of magic. The slogan of my school is “If you want to learn magic and not only tricks, then welcome”.

As my Youtube channel grew to almost 1,000,000 subscribers, Discovery channel credited me as “one of the most influential and talented magicians in the hispanic magic community” and in 2015 in Rimini, Italy, I broke a Guinness World Record in the close-up magic category at FISM, one of the largest magic conventions in the world. Since then, I have lectured for some of the most prestigious magic circles, and I also have hosted meet ups with my fans in multiple countries.

During my South American tour, we had a layover in Mexico and decided to hold an impromptu meet up with my fans. More than 800 people showed up with less than 10 hours notice. This was the first of many meet ups across multiple countries.

My greatest skills are storytelling and connecting; translating complicated ideas and experiences through the filter of my mind and delivering a message in an open, familiar manner. My intent is to create beautiful fleeting intimacy and attachment between people as they experience wonder together.

I can say with confidence that I have already lived a few lives, and I can’t wait to see what exciting adventures the future will present to me.

If you made it this far, then thank you for your time! I hope you have enjoyed hearing a brief summary of my life, and if you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to contact me.

I believe that a stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet.

Agustin Tash

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